Giuliette Brown is a new brand, designed by the hands of an italian-bohemian artist, Giulia Bruni, who loves to be defined as a “slash girl”: stylist/designer/blogger/mum. After important collaborations, with international brands, Giulia decides it’s time to make her own project, caracterized by femininity and peculiarity, leveraging its vast experience among taylor departments, fabric supplyers, design offices and research around the world.

The project launched on Valentines day 2014, comes out for the first season, with a capsule collection, composed by 23 pieces, number that reminds the good luck, to continue then, with more structured collections, all made in Italy, with french fabrics.

All the items reflect a great sense of contemporary-researched style, focusing the attention on the perfect fit and the uniqueness aspect of each piece.

Giuliette Brown is launching an online website too, with e-sales area in order to reach international customers. Dedicated to those women who want to fill the closet with “tdf” (to-die-for) pieces, the line ensures femininity and comfort with precious materials, which you cannot go unnoticed with.

Giulia says about her line: “it’s like I have chosen the best pieces of my closet and I am sharing them with you”. Researched but perfectly suitable with everyday clothes, Giuliette Brown adds that twist of refinement to a common outfit.

In a moment where social networks are the main form of communication, the brand, aims to conquer the web through social media advertising and promotion with bloggers and e-magazines, as well as the e-commerce, not forgetting the retailers and heading to the best international shops windows.